Missional Teams

IMMIGRANTS TEAM--Our church has been busy with other churches and organizations helping Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention. As asylum seekers are released from detention centers in Louisiana, we help the organization connect them with their families for travel arrangements, with lodging, and with meals. If you would like to help, contact the church office at 318-673-4440. Learn more about the program in this KTBS report by Johnette Magner.


This team is comprised of volunteers who help with events and projects for the VOA Veteran's Transitional Living Facility. This facility is a 56-bed transitional facility for veterans, operated by Volunteers of America of North Louisiana.

Veterans are able stay in the program for up to 24 months. As they progress, clients will move from the main, clinical-type building into less restrictive apartments next door.

Volunteers of America will provide its expertise in mental health, and connecting people with educational opportunities, jobs and permanent housing, while the VA will cover many of the medical and substance abuse issues the veterans face.

The Veteran's Missional Team helps with a once a month birthday party, annual graduation service and meal, and other events, we also regularly collect items that are needed by the veterans such a underwear, socks and toiletries. 


This team is comprised of volunteers who help with events and weekly classes for the VOA Visions of Hope program. The The Vision of Hope program is a daytime support group for adults with mental illness and/or emotional/behavioral problems operated by Volunteers of America of North Louisiana. Through this program these individuals learn about their many strengths and how to expand those. 

Mental illness or emotional/behavioral problems do not have to limit your opportunities for work, school performance or relationships. We at Volunteers of America believe everyone can find success – as long as they have the right support.

Services including counseling and group sessions are available M-F at the Highland Center for the adults in the Visions program. 

The Visions of Hope Missional Team helps provide weekly art, music and fellowship activities as well as chapel each Tuesday morning. Volunteers also help with special events throughout the year. 


This team is comprised of volunteers who help with the many programs within the Highland Center Ministries. HCM is a mosaic of faith groups and organizations working together to serve people in the Highland neighborhood. This ministry provides financial services, housing support services, clothing support, and food services including a weekly free dinner. 

The Highland Center Ministries Missional Team helps by providing volunteers to serve weekly in the four clothing closets, Table Host and Servers for the weekly Highland Blessing Dinner, and intake volunteers during tax season for the VITA tax preparation program. 

To sign up for a team or to get more information, email Sabra Hicks in our church office.

Highland Care Packages

We are collecting items to create care packets to have on hand for people in Highland who come to us for help. The list below contains ideas for items you can bring by the church office during office hours (Monday-Friday 9:30 am-2:00 pm) Please don't leave items at the door.

Ideas for Emergency Packs 

Mac and cheese cups 

Cracker packs- peanut butter or cheese 

Apple sauce cups 

Granola bars 


Small juice bottles/boxes 

Protein bars 

Dried fruit 

Tuna pouches 

Chicken pouches 

Small non-dairy milk box 

Oatmeal packets 

Cereal cups 


Precooked pouch meals such as Campbells Ready Meals 

Trail Mix 

Grit Packets 

Small water bottles 

Rice cups 

Hard candy 

Utensil packs 

Hand sanitizer 


Travel size all in one hair/body wash


Travel size toothpaste 



Wet wipes 






Hand written note