New Midweek Study!

Life is messy. We can get discouraged by setbacks, overwhelmed by busyness, and shaken by worry. Hope is the power that gets us out of bed in the morning and gives us the courage to face adversity.

Looking for God in Messy Places by Jake Owensby is a book about how love gives us an inextinguishable hope.

This book is for anyone who has ever been frozen in place by loss or regret, anyone who has endured suffering, cruelty, or rejection. From word to word and page to page, readers will experience themselves as God’s beloved―so that they can be hopeful.

Jake Owensby is a writer and speaker whose work focuses on the spirituality of everyday life. He is the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Western Louisiana and author of five books. His titles include Looking for God in Messy Places (coming in the Spring of 2021), A Resurrection Shaped Life, and Your Untold Story. Before entering ordained ministry, he earned the PhD in philosophy from Emory University and served as a professor at Jacksonville University. He has always been interested in how people find meaning and purpose in their ordinary lives. And he sees himself as a kind of midwife, helping his readers and those who participate in his workshops give birth to their own sense of what makes life worth living. Jake has been married to Joy since 1983. Their adult children are Andrew, Meredith, Patrick, and daughter-in-law Haley. Addi and Bennet are their grandchildren. Gracie their rescue pup is their constant companion.

On Aug. 11, books will be available and we will read through the Introduction together and discuss.

Conference Room (near Topeka St. Entrance)

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm. Book: We are making the book available at $12 (some available to borrow for those unable to pay).